Science Enthusiast

    They are students with a passion for scientific research. That passion seemed to be ignited when both research projects conducted by Mai Nhat Bao Han’s group and Nguyen Hoang Nhat Khanh’s group (Da Lat University) won consolation prizes at the annual scientific research competition. 2020 organized by the Ministry of Education and Training.

    Mai Nhật Bảo Hân

    Passion for plants

    Mai Nhat Bao Han (4th year student, Department of Biology) said that she has been interested in researching and learning about nature and trees since high school. Therefore, right after entering year 2, after a period of accessing basic knowledge, Bao Han boldly signed up to practice in the laboratory.

    “That’s how I accumulate for myself research and practice skills that I think will be extremely useful for my work in the future” – Bao Han shared.

    After school hours, whenever she had free time, Han would stay in the laboratory, with her teachers and siblings, to study this and experiment with that.

    According to Bao Han, every year, the number of students who register topics in school-level scientific research competitions is also quite large, which requires Bao Han and his friends to make a lot of effort, find out the materials, new technology.


    Essential oil and soap products from Mai Nhat Bao Han’s research won the consolation prize in the 2020 scientific research contest organized by the Ministry of Education and Training.

    Project “Initially studying chemical composition, surveying biological activities of mountain marjoram (Elsholtzia blanda Benth) in Lam Dong area and the application to create natural soap products” by Bao Han group won the first prize and received positive reviews from the Scientific Council of Da Lat University with very high scores. , 97/100.

    “The results were beyond expectations but well worth it when the team spent many months researching, had to go on many field trips to take samples in the deep forest, wading quite hard. There are days when the experiment is carried out until midnight, but everyone encourages each other to try, no one dares to be late because it will affect the progress of the project “- Bao Han shared.

    Dr. Hoang Thi Binh – Deputy Dean of the Department of Biology said that there are experiments or topics that must be carried out for a long time, so eating and sleeping in the laboratory seems to become a unique characteristic of biology students. learn. The most important is the sense and spirit of teamwork. Not only Bao Han, most of you have done very well, but the results have proven effective as well as a motivation for students to continue to spend time on scientific research.”

    Preparing to step on the threshold of life, Bao Han is confident when he is equipped with a lot of knowledge and skills, especially scientific research skills to be able to apply to work. Da Lat girl’s dream is to get a job in the right industry that she is studying so that she can have an environment to continue studying, researching and improving the skills she has accumulated over time. from there, it is possible to contribute to the development of the local biotechnology industry…